I was late for a deadline. Anxiety and stress began to rise over me. I couldn't concentrate.  So, I settled into a chair, closed my eyes, and took a long slow deep breath. Entering a somewhat meditative state I could see movement. And, unidentifiable objects swept across my vision. Soothing purple was peeking out from behind the more exuberant oranges and reds. As I sat I realized that my body wanted to sway from side to side. I went with the sensation and decided it was time to paint. I allowed my arms to move on instinct and chose colors based on what I’d seen in my mind. I freed myself to get lost in the emotion that I had been trying to overcome and it moved through me and out onto the page. Small marks and specks of color emerged from the background as the last traces of frustration left me and were replaced by contentment.

Available as a Limited Edition giclée print of 100. Each piece arrives signed, numbered, and with a certificate of authenticity.

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