make art your own Creative Journal

The make art your own Creative Journal  is perfect for recording your newly found artistic inspirations, providing a unique place for practicing your developing skills at self-expression.  Your emerging insights and visions will be uniquely preserved as you begin your journey towards creative freedom and love.

Designed with painting in mind these made-to-order journals come with primed canvas pages which prevent wet mediums from soaking through to the sheets below. A hard plastic front and back cover make for a sturdy work surface as well as providing a means for standing the journal upright,  and the spiral binding allows for complete turning of the pages, lowering the risk of accidental loss or damage to your work. Also included are helpful tips on beginning painting, finding inspiration, and recording personal insights.

The pages in the make art your own Creative Journal can be removed for display and fit nicely within an 8.5" x 11" matte opening often found in 11" x 14" ready to hang frames

The creative journal meets the needs of practiced painters as well as beginners and is available as an individual item or as part of a set.

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