How do you paint like that?

How do you paint like that?

September 29, 2017

I am asked that question quite a lot when showing my work, and the answer is as simple as it is complex. I paint what I feel. However, it’s not as easy as just saying today I feel happy so I think I’ll draw sunshine, or maybe I’m sad so I’ll paint a cloudy day. This type of painting requires taking a look inside. There you will find your creative self and then you will be able to produce a painting “like that”. 

There is more thought put into an abstract painting than most people want to believe. I explore into the subject matter and come up with my own form of expression. Usually the subject comes from something that has happened, maybe something random and seemingly inane from that day, but that has triggered an emotional response. 

In looking at my body of work you will find there are some elements that reappear time and time again. Inspirations in Abstract Expressionism can.  This allows the subject to come out more spontaneously and allows for a train of thought to be expressed more accurately. Instead of rendering the image, I come up with symbols, shapes, colors to represent the emotions. I express through line, shape, and the sheer joy of mark making.

Below is a small sample of symbols that reoccur within in my work. However, the work is not limited to just these. I am constantly creating new symbols to represent more people, places, and things in each piece. 


Symbolic Possibilities



The   unknown


Direction, upward/downward, feelings, mood,  plane, positive/negative


 pink & green 

Family, friends, individual or as a group

Often used to symbolize flesh 


 Writing and random thoughts


Often relates to subject matter

collage material

Papers, clothes, items belonging to family and friends to include them in the work

 wood grain

Suggests the natural world


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